(Pixiemarket top, thrifted skirt, ebay vintage bucket bag, Jeffrey Campbell Alameda)
HI monsties! I have a question for you. Do you have a UNIFORM that you wear nonchalantly everyday? Comment below!

My everyday uniform consisted of crop top, skater skirt, and sky high platform. So happy that I scored this vintage skirt at Buffalo Exchange yesterday. The waist is really teeny tiny, almost like wearing a corset. If it means that I need to skimp on the frappucino I would! 

Shoe wise, Jeffrey did it again! These Alameda sandals is a Children's Day treat to myself. The velcro and buckle straps make it more sporty but what I love the most, is the ultra high and comfy platform. I walked 30 blocks from Midtown to Chelsea yesterday in these babies, no sweat! 

Hello summer! Here I come.

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Annabelle said...

This outfit is really pretty!
My everyday uniform is generally skirts :)