I do mean that when I typed in the title for this blog post. Please excuse my absence from the blogosphere for the last half of January. I will tell you why in a minute. As of right now I am still in bed at 11:05 AM Eastern Time wearing a Uniqlo ultra tight turtleneck (to prevent heat from escaping my body) and an ultra boyfriend sweatpants courtesy of you-know-who. I thought of Margiela when I put this outfit together but no, really!

So the story for my absence begins on last Thursday. It was one beautiful morning in Manhattan. I woke up, thinking to myself it's sunny out hence it's warm. I didn't bother checking in with the weatherman, only because I was way overjoyed of the fact that my (faux) fur (I fully support PETA and animal rights) coat is enough to keep me company today. So I decked out in snake pants, plain Topshop tee, my coveted vintage fur coat, and a pair of loafers (YESSSS You heard it right..!!! No boots or booties, just loafers!). I strutted down the block to my Uptown train feeling all happy and not a bit of a cold got to me. As soon as I got off the 42nd station and began walking towards Bryant Park, it finally happened. Despite my Superwoman immune system, I'm now part of Mother Nature's outrageous flu show. But how do one stay warm and chic without having to wear such functional clothing with no fashion statement whatsoever!?!

My tips on surviving NYC flu season (inspired by Diana Vreeland's Why Don't You):
- Why don't you... Quarantine yourself! I know it's hard, especially for social butterflies alike. But do think for other species when they come in contact with you they might get sick and it's gonna be one ugly mess.

- Why don't you... Eat congee and only congee! It's also a sneaky way to lose weight. Don't get the impression that I'm promoting anorexia here, I have a butt and I'm proud of it okay!? Congee is nutritious fluid that your weak system can digest easily. I was so confident in myself that I had bolognese pasta yesterday only to sob in bed hours later because I couldn't digest the damn thing. Plus your body will lightly detox overtime and still getting all the nutrition you need to ger rid of the flu completely.

-Why don't you... Enjoy being spoiled like a baby! Your bf/gf will understand. Don't feel bad that they have to take care of you, they do that because they care about your wellness. Enjoy it and your body will thank you!

I get emotional and sensitive easily the closer it gets to Valentine, and my hormones aren't quite themselves at the moment. However thanks to the flu I now have time to meditate and catch up on my filming. A busy life is a happy life (to me) xx

In the mean time, check me out on YOUTUBE right here (You know that's another reason why I have eyebags bigger than Birkins). So go over there and see me in motion, I want to see you too! 

Monki top, Mikkat Market snake pants, Topshop fur coat
ZARA loafers, Urban Outfitters sunnies, eBay ring. 

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