(Pixie Market Jumpsuit, Daul Floral Shoes, Kitty key chain)
photos by Bert

I have a something affair with jumpsuit for numerous reasons: 1) They oozes coolness 2) They're easy to put on and 3) You don't really need anything else besides a good pair of heels and minimal accessories. At least in my case. My boyfriend's first reaction when he saw me was: "Is baby gonna paint the house or something?!" Hello!!!! It's a denim jumpsuit, it screams 90s and Chloe Sevigny. It's everything!!! Only problem is make sure to check your fly. By the end of this shoot and I was changing when I realized my fly was open the whole time. Oops!

I feel that the inner child in me get to come out and be fierce out and about in nothing more but a classic denim jumpsuit.


JW said...

Looks really great on you! And I would like to know what size of jumpsuit you are wearing Sorry to bothering..

JW said...

Thx a lot X-)