Melanie Huynh has got to be the most stylish and chic Viet alive. The fact that she is mixed with French only makes it more unfair. I love Melanie's style and I love that Balenciaga's sweatshirt. It's definitely one of the most beautiful pieces from Nicolas's legacy. Just when I was dreaming of it today, I found this Secret Night Trip sweatshirt by ASOS that's has a reminiscent of the original one. Law of attraction much? 

The structure is not as boucle which is fine by me because I'm not big on gorilla sleeves to begin with. I'm quite tiny so if I do get my hands on it, I'll look like a baby gorilla and that ain't pretty (But hey, I don't mind being a gorilla in Balenciaga at all)

If anything, my (sweat) closet is happy with ASOS (for now)

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