I love Japanese magazines. My cult favorites are Nylon Japan, Elle Girl, and latest Tokyo Vivi. It's more sophisticated and girly than the monthly Vivi. Each issue is like reading a beautiful photo book and the theme of the second issue is Sugar and Spice. It's just so PRETTY! 

I stumbled across Snidel. It's a independent Japanese brand that create such beautifully done knit sweaters: The cut, the color combination and just the right amount of slouchiness/oversize. These are my two favorites. 

Do you guys know how I can get SNIDEL from the States?! I'm dying here!!!


Werlissa said...

I love your blog! It is amazing! Cngratulations. I follow you! If you like, you can follow me on www.werlissa.blogspot.com. ^^ thank you! Xoxo

Cátia said...

lovely knits :)

just found your blog and I'm loving your style, definitely following*


Carly J. Cais said...

Hi Be! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog!

Vivi is totally my favorite magazine HANDS-DOWN...just wish I could get most of the things in it easily!

As far as what I know, SNIDEL is not sold outside of Japan, so what I've done before (and am planning a post on at some point) is using a forwarding service to buy Japanese clothing. I've used Tenso.com twice and their service has been excellent both times.

Once you've set up an account with them and received your Tenso mailing address in Japan, you order what you want off a Japanese shopping site (for SNIDEL, Net Vivi is a good bet [http://www.netvivi.cc/list.php?b=172&ref1=leftmenu] or fashionwalker [http://fashionwalker.com/fw/snidel/b/pc/Search.html?mthd=06&SC=SND&BC=SND01&A=00&B=00&C=&D=00]). Then upon checkout you input your Tenso address into the mailing address fields. Tenso receives your package, inspects it to make sure there are no drugs etc., and repackages it to send to you in the States. They have a small handling fee + cost of shipping based on poundage. It can be pretty pricey (I've spent $14-28 for just the Tenso service), but when you really want it...

Hope that helps!

Daul Be said...

OMG Carly You're awesome! I'll give Tenso a shot and see what happens! Thanks so much for your thoughtful advice xx

Carly J. Cais said...

No problem! You can set up Tenso in English, but have to read Japanese (and maybe even type Japanese on some sites) for the inputting the shipping address on the Japanese shopping sites. Hope that helps and it works out for you!