I am super happy that I am finally done with finals. Working by day and crunching finals by night plus blogging leave me no room to breathe. I think it's Sagittarius's nature that we love being occupied 24/7. My birthday is around the corner and as cliche as it may seems, a birthday wish list is pretty inevitable. 
PS: I think I've found the perfect birthday outfit <3

1. ASSEMBLY NY suspender pants: I will wear this with anything and everything! I jumped as soon as I see JP walked into the studio in these. I love the cut and suspenders are kind of a Dressmonsta's essential!
2. GUCCI Flora Eau Fraiche: I'm a huge floral fragrance advocate. This baby has a hint of rose and citrus. It also has a rich aroma that lingers hours afterwards.
3. OC Book: I had a chance of looking through this book at Strand the other day and I'm blown away. A beautiful autobiography of the OC family.
4. Jeffrey Campbell Pang Platform: The higher the heels the better!
5. Alexander Wang wallet:  Blue is my favorite color and this wallet is way too cute to just pass it by.

Sending love and light to everyone from cheeky NY xo
Be <3

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