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I want to thank everyone who's visited my blog. New friends, old friends, friends from Chictopia, Xtyle, and the global fashion blogosphere that I've made since I started Dressmonsta. You guys mean the world to me <3

Since the holiday season is near, I thought to myself what better time could it be for a giveaway. Entering is easy as 1-2-3:
2. Leave a comment below with your name and email address (So I can reach you if you're the lucky winner)
3. Here's the fun part: Let me know how you found me :) 

The prize is this totally essential biker jacket with tweed sleeves above. It's super wearable and perfect to throw over absolutely anything. I'm sure this jacket is going to be a great addition to your wardrobe. Plus a mystery gift that I'm not going to spoil you with. *Drum-rolls* Et Voila! That's my gifts to you! 

GIVEAWAY is from Dec 6th to Wednesday Dec 12th, 11:59PM EST. I will select and contact the winner via email <3

Thank you once again for visiting the blog,
oooh and GOOD LUCK xo

Congrats and expect an email from me really soon ^^

Thanks everyone for participating in this giveaway. I read every single comment and you are all so kind and sweet. Please continue to support and follow Dress Monsta. You guys are all winners!

Kisses and love you all,


Lannee Spehan said...

La To - la51093@yahoo.com

I found you through some mutual friends and totally love your style. gimme gimme this pretty jacket please!!! xD

Linh Tong said...

Linh Tong - linhmytong@yahoo.com

I found you through kenh14.vn and have followed you since then. Please keep having your own unique style, do not change for anyone or for whatever reason. Keep inspiring us. xoxo

Tram Le said...


I found you through insta from a mutual fashion blogger who also followed you, i can't remember who sorry, but when i had look at your instagram, i followed you instantly! bc i fell in love with your style.. This jacket is amazing! :) xo

may yona said...

my name is may yona and i found yoy wehn i serch style groups in instantgram and it wasnt along time ago but i think you have amazing pictures and style :-) i realy love this jacket it is so pretty �� hope to win it

Kim said...

Kim Kim - kim.ngn04@gmail.com

follow Boo tinh tu hoi Boo tinh lap Lace Coco va share link tren facebook ;) tu hoi bao gio thi Boo tinh se lap blog street style and finally here it is, growing strong and unique!

joojoo said...

juli (gmail: joojoowee@gmail.com)
Found you on instagram through songofstyle! <3 that jacket is AMAZE BALLS

Andrea Tamayo said...

Andrea Tamayo (andreatamayom@hotmail.com) i found you in Chictopia !! :) Love the varsity mixed with leather style! fingers crossed

T là Hoa said...

I found out about you through Clothesencounter on youtube, through pixiemarket. Then I found out that I ve known you before through Xtyle on kenh14.vn. I thought you were pretty cool and the only one that stand out to me on xtyle, you ve got that new york vibe that I dig.

T là Hoa said...

It s gloomycode@yahoo.com if you decided to pick me. teehee

shelby said...

Liked and followed (:
Found you on instagram!
I'd love to win this, that jacket is awesome!
email is shelby_dalton12345@yahoo.com

Thu Thuỷ Hoàng said...

Im V (spinel.sun20@gmail.com)
Found u on xtyle :) really impressed by ur fashion sense

Emily said...

Emily M.


I found out about you via Instagram ^^. Pixiemarket posted one of your outfits :)

Hong Pham said...

I found u through my mutual friends :p

Jess Kòi said...

jess kòi
i found you on the suddenly connection ;)), i means we're facebook friend <3

Alex Vu said...

Alex Vu

I found you on Chictopia babe~

Linh T. said...

Linh Thai @ linhthai91@gmail.com

How did I find you? I, for some reasons, kept running into you on Chictopia, xstyle and one time in the H&M Soho :D ( Promise, totally not stalking you. Couldn't say hi bc i was in a rush). Looove your style, of course!

I was pleasantly surprised to learn about your love for everything French and most importantly that you're living in NYC. I've been secretly thinking that we should meet up sometimes! What cha think?

Bisous ma belle.xxx

Huyen Le said...

Le Huyen


Found you on Xtyle xx

Hạnh Piz said...

I've been so busy lately that I almost forget about this =)

I knew you through Kim and visited your facebook a few times before we met at CA's friends' party 2. You had so many beautiful photos on your facebook that I kept coming back to your facebook (and now that Kim mentioned it, Lace Coco too) like 3-4 times a month. I haven't visited it again for a while since you changed you name to Daul Be and I kept looking for Be Boo lol. I started to stalk your facebook and blog again recently, I don't really remember how I found you again though =)


nomadlove.com said...

Found you through Xtyle. You're super inspiring and a true fashionista! :)
Good luck to me :D!

ANH said...

Anh Phung - anhphung0311@gmail.com

Found out on Xtyle. Your style is so inspiration: chic, with a hint of sexiness and eccentricity. Your personality (although I do not know you personally and I'd like to) intrigues me too. Seems like a fun gal to be around.
I also have a fashion blog of mine (I live in Seoul and Korea is nothing but fashion and beauty so..) and I know how hard it is to keep it alive among the busy schedules, so I appreciate your posts a lot! Huge fan xoxo

Khoai said...

Hope this is not too late lol
Ngan Trinh - ngantrinh93@gmail.com
I found you on.. uhm let's see.. facebook i guess. it was long long time ago when you post more about personal stuff and just start the blog! I have never really comment or do anything but yes i have followed (or stalked..) you for quite a long time :P

Hà Chan said...


Found you on Xtyle ^^ n extremely impressed by ur style. So freakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk n chiccccccccccccccccccccccccccc :* Truly fashionista :X Love everyway u mix clothings. Then I followed u on Instagram n then this blog. And love ur personality too. When I send u a message on FB,u replied me in the most friendly wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :Xxxx U couldn't imagine how happy I was. OMG I love you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :* :* Wish one time we could collab ^^

drmazzie said...

first time saw you on chictopia and find you everyday in my must-check bookmark since then

im not a kind of lucky person but ill give it a try :)) xx


May Gàn said...


Aww I almost forgot about tis :-( but Ok, I'm here now simply just want to say I adore your looks. The first time I saw you was on ELLE Street Chic Daily and I was absolutely stunned. Then I found your blog and have been stalked you since then*blush*

Tricia G. said...

Patricia Gugliuzza pgugliuzza0@aol.com

I am sort of a new fan to your blog. I saw you on Pixie Market's Instagram looking rad in your black fur coat, studded bag, and platinum blond hair. Ever since then I have been intrigued with your sense of style.

Phuong Duong Thi Kim said...

hi, We are from VIETNAm, a beautiful and peace country.I know U in the sunny day, I check Xtyle and I <3 style of you at the first sight and I hope I will be received a giveaway, relly want.