Vintage acid denim jacket
Mata Hari clutch
H&M tights
Jeffrey Campbell Loza here and similar here

photos by Derek Nguyen

This outfit was taken in October. Yes I know that's two months ago! I passed by them while organizing all my old photos. How much I miss those sunny days. Here I'm wearing my beloved vintage denim jacket. It was a gift from an old friend a very long time ago. I still believed up to these days it was meant to be mine. The story goes like this: 

I visited him in Richmond and we went thrifting. I stumbled across this baby but decided not to get it. Only to regret in my head 12hours later after I got back to NY. So I texted, called, and begged him to go back and check if it's still there. He was super nice that not only he bought it for me, but he also carefully hand-washed it all the way into the pockets. You know how vintage clothes can be really dusty sometimes. Thanks to him this jacket has been one of my vintage treasures that I still wear to these days. 

I love denim, I'm just not a jeans kind of girl. My boyfriend always tells me this: "You don't seem like you have jeans or any 'normal' pants, do you?" He is damn right I don't. My only pair of jeans was from Forever 21 and I probably wore it twice this year. 
Do you have a fashion pet peeve? In my defense, I like jeans, but I prefer leather pants.

End of story!

Now to the next important chapter, let's play the BREAK THE ICE game. Let's get to know each other better. I'm just gonna throw it out there: Ask me anything! and by that I mean anything from beauty to thrifty to this and that!
Leave any questions for me by commenting below, or shoot me an email at be@dressmonsta.com :) 

All friends are once strangers and I want to thank whoever is reading Dress Monsta. You guys keep my world one happy rainbow! 


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Jess Kòi said...

oh baby, u don't know how much i'm in love with ur acid jacket <3 <3 <3 OMG