Three Floor Pleated Dress
PM Black Fur Coat (also here)
Jeffrey Campbell Loza
photos by Dk

Hi lovelies,
I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Lots of "k" to emphasize that statement, plus I have long hair. Yes, I just woke up one day with long golden locks. It was fun being Rapunzel for a day. I definitely felt a tad more girly and older for some reason.  

This blushing pink pleated dress completed my whole girly transformation. Speaking of transformation, I would want you to join me on a weird trip for 2013. 
As much as I love blogging, I found Youtube a better platform for fashion because you get to see fashion in action :) 
I will still be updating regularly on my blog. It's the reason why I'm here now! 2012 has been an amazing year. Thanks to Dressmonsta I've make so many new friends, some are super talented, all so sweet! I'm forever grateful for my followers <3 
You guys rock my world!

Check out my first Video! I hope you guys like it!



Pixie Market Sweater (Coming soon)
ZARA bag
Urban Outfitters sunglasses

My friend Sue visited NY today and took these gorgeous photographs. Check out her blog here for more eye candy treats 

Sending light and kisses to everyone <3


I am super happy that I am finally done with finals. Working by day and crunching finals by night plus blogging leave me no room to breathe. I think it's Sagittarius's nature that we love being occupied 24/7. My birthday is around the corner and as cliche as it may seems, a birthday wish list is pretty inevitable. 
PS: I think I've found the perfect birthday outfit <3

1. ASSEMBLY NY suspender pants: I will wear this with anything and everything! I jumped as soon as I see JP walked into the studio in these. I love the cut and suspenders are kind of a Dressmonsta's essential!
2. GUCCI Flora Eau Fraiche: I'm a huge floral fragrance advocate. This baby has a hint of rose and citrus. It also has a rich aroma that lingers hours afterwards.
3. OC Book: I had a chance of looking through this book at Strand the other day and I'm blown away. A beautiful autobiography of the OC family.
4. Jeffrey Campbell Pang Platform: The higher the heels the better!
5. Alexander Wang wallet:  Blue is my favorite color and this wallet is way too cute to just pass it by.

Sending love and light to everyone from cheeky NY xo
Be <3



I haven't seen a leather overalls that I didn't like! To some people jeans are basic bottoms but for me, these are definitely a closet staple. I've been on the hunt for one with a long bottom and finally this baby came into my life. It's a bit cropped at the hem. So I'm currently on the hunt for one that has a longer bottom hem. 

This past week has been super busy for me! It was photo shoot back to back at work and I haven't had the chance to take my own photos. I have many exciting projects coming up that I cannot wait to share with you guys. The other night it was raining quite hard so I did this mini beauty tutorial with my new Sephora splurge. Hope you guys like it!  

I've received so many great response from my readers for the giveaway! You guys are awesome!!! Remember the giveaway is international and I will randomly pick a winner on Wednesday. You can still enter the giveaway here.

Have a blasting week xo



photos via my Instagram

I want to thank everyone who's visited my blog. New friends, old friends, friends from Chictopia, Xtyle, and the global fashion blogosphere that I've made since I started Dressmonsta. You guys mean the world to me <3

Since the holiday season is near, I thought to myself what better time could it be for a giveaway. Entering is easy as 1-2-3:
2. Leave a comment below with your name and email address (So I can reach you if you're the lucky winner)
3. Here's the fun part: Let me know how you found me :) 

The prize is this totally essential biker jacket with tweed sleeves above. It's super wearable and perfect to throw over absolutely anything. I'm sure this jacket is going to be a great addition to your wardrobe. Plus a mystery gift that I'm not going to spoil you with. *Drum-rolls* Et Voila! That's my gifts to you! 

GIVEAWAY is from Dec 6th to Wednesday Dec 12th, 11:59PM EST. I will select and contact the winner via email <3

Thank you once again for visiting the blog,
oooh and GOOD LUCK xo

Congrats and expect an email from me really soon ^^

Thanks everyone for participating in this giveaway. I read every single comment and you are all so kind and sweet. Please continue to support and follow Dress Monsta. You guys are all winners!

Kisses and love you all,



Three Floor Ginta bomber jacket c/o Pixie Market (also here and here)
Zara buckle loafers

As soon as I lay my eyes on this quilted bomber jacket, I know I need it in my life. I have a mild obsession with anything quilted (Hello Chanel 2.55) and I love the crane embroidery on shimmer tweeds. It's not your ordinary bomber, here's why:

This is part 1 of my Bomber Challenge. I have class all day today and the weather is in the sixties. Just simple basic white on black and THE bomber. I even got compliments from my professors and there was a girl stopped me on the street to ask where I got it in the middle of Times Square! Ridicule one may think, for me it is AWESOME! Totally class appropriate and in fact, it's way too cool for school!



Melanie Huynh has got to be the most stylish and chic Viet alive. The fact that she is mixed with French only makes it more unfair. I love Melanie's style and I love that Balenciaga's sweatshirt. It's definitely one of the most beautiful pieces from Nicolas's legacy. Just when I was dreaming of it today, I found this Secret Night Trip sweatshirt by ASOS that's has a reminiscent of the original one. Law of attraction much? 

The structure is not as boucle which is fine by me because I'm not big on gorilla sleeves to begin with. I'm quite tiny so if I do get my hands on it, I'll look like a baby gorilla and that ain't pretty (But hey, I don't mind being a gorilla in Balenciaga at all)

If anything, my (sweat) closet is happy with ASOS (for now)



I love Japanese magazines. My cult favorites are Nylon Japan, Elle Girl, and latest Tokyo Vivi. It's more sophisticated and girly than the monthly Vivi. Each issue is like reading a beautiful photo book and the theme of the second issue is Sugar and Spice. It's just so PRETTY! 

I stumbled across Snidel. It's a independent Japanese brand that create such beautifully done knit sweaters: The cut, the color combination and just the right amount of slouchiness/oversize. These are my two favorites. 

Do you guys know how I can get SNIDEL from the States?! I'm dying here!!!



Vintage acid denim jacket
Mata Hari clutch
H&M tights
Jeffrey Campbell Loza here and similar here

photos by Derek Nguyen

This outfit was taken in October. Yes I know that's two months ago! I passed by them while organizing all my old photos. How much I miss those sunny days. Here I'm wearing my beloved vintage denim jacket. It was a gift from an old friend a very long time ago. I still believed up to these days it was meant to be mine. The story goes like this: 

I visited him in Richmond and we went thrifting. I stumbled across this baby but decided not to get it. Only to regret in my head 12hours later after I got back to NY. So I texted, called, and begged him to go back and check if it's still there. He was super nice that not only he bought it for me, but he also carefully hand-washed it all the way into the pockets. You know how vintage clothes can be really dusty sometimes. Thanks to him this jacket has been one of my vintage treasures that I still wear to these days. 

I love denim, I'm just not a jeans kind of girl. My boyfriend always tells me this: "You don't seem like you have jeans or any 'normal' pants, do you?" He is damn right I don't. My only pair of jeans was from Forever 21 and I probably wore it twice this year. 
Do you have a fashion pet peeve? In my defense, I like jeans, but I prefer leather pants.

End of story!

Now to the next important chapter, let's play the BREAK THE ICE game. Let's get to know each other better. I'm just gonna throw it out there: Ask me anything! and by that I mean anything from beauty to thrifty to this and that!
Leave any questions for me by commenting below, or shoot me an email at be@dressmonsta.com :) 

All friends are once strangers and I want to thank whoever is reading Dress Monsta. You guys keep my world one happy rainbow! 



Vintage furry stripe sweater
Zara creeper wedges
Urban Outfitters sunglasses

photos by Derek Nguyen

I'm all for slouchy sweater. I scored this stripe furry sweater at Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg. I love shopping there on weekends. They have such an amazing selection for the best prices. One rule of thumb I swear by when I go thrifting or vintage shopping is to KEEP AN OPEN MIND. Don't have any expectations and allow yourself to be wowed. I love looking through the racks, ALL OF THEM (including the men's sections too) One time I found a brand new Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche slim fit shirt for men that fits me perfectly and in excellent condition for $20. SCORE! So there you go, that's my tip for you today :)

I really should take some time off of blogging and spend more time organizing my closet. It's getting a little out of control. The fact that I get (at least) a new sweater every week is not helping. 

It's time to use fashion for a good cause. You can shop my closet here! They're all in excellent condition. I want my clothes to be in good hands ^^ I usually ship items within 1 - 2 days and I'll upload new items every week so please check back often. I hope you'll find something you like.






I was asked to be featured in The Issue Magazine a while ago. Here are some screencaps I took. More outfit details can be found here: BIJOUX & KNIT WIT . I was super excited when I got the email from Marta, their editor-in-chief. I was on the beach at the time and I remember running along the shore trying to get signals so I can read it. The whole magazine is full of arts and editorial goodness. It's amazing to see how everything come together.

Thank you the Issue team for letting me be part of it. Check out the Issue #1 here

Have a great week everyone and thank you for visiting my blog xo



Taylor Tomasi Hill probably is sick of me screaming my love for her from top of the Alps by now. But those boots are killing me softly. I've been wanting a pair of knee-high boots for the longest time and since it's so special, it has to be Givenchy. Oh can you hear me Santa baby... 

Here are my takes:

Silver dresses are a dressmonsta must-have. Top it off with a hippie Mongolian white fur coat a la Kate Moss and a book clutch (I dream of you - Olympia Le Tan - but ASOS is more wallet-friendly)!

PS: I'm currently in love with Azelia Banks. I've been blasting Van Vogue on repeat.  Gotta give the girl credits for squirming in Prabal Gurung and look so darn chic doing it! 

December is gonna be beautiful xoxo



Pixie Market black fur coat (coming soon)
Dressmonster cat call jumper (coming soon)
Pixie Market studaholic bag (here)
Kenzo-inspired nails
Pixie Market everyday boots (here)

Channeling queen Kate in all black everything today. Mixing and matching textures are crucial when you're wearing the same color from head to toe. New York weather is perfect to wear light long fur coat, if there's such a thing. I'm really into mini bag lately. I realized the bigger the bag the more stuffs  I carry. I love the sixties when the girls were wearing minidresses and carry nothing more than a tiny purse with them. Think Edie Sedgwick and Penelope Tree. Time travel anyone? 




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H&M faux fur coat
Urban Outfitter midi dress
Mata Hari hologram clutch
Anna Dello Russo x HM earrings

photos by Jesse Sullivan

I am grateful for New York's beautiful weather. I wanted to take a walk by the water down in Battery Park. I had my midi dress on and was too lazy to layer anything on. That's when my faux fur coat comes in handy. I've had this baby for two years now and she's still in great shape. Plus she keeps me warm and chic at the same time!

Have a blasting weekend everyone! 

PS: Check me out on Instaglam @dressmonsta xo


Stella-esque sweater (here)
My beloved leather skirt
Beau Coops boots
A Concern leopard coat

photos by Jesse Sullivan