It's been four Christmases, New Years, and Birthdays away from home. I do miss home a lot. I remember my house in Vietnam, four stories and full of sunshine. If there's one thing I miss the most (besides my family) is SPACE. I am in desperate need of fresh air and big window with views of nature rather than buildings. Thank goodness there's Tumblr to cure my urgent craving of eye candy!



(Low Classic skirt, TOPMAN cap, Pixie Market shoes here and top (coming soon), Uniqlo socks)

I'M BACKK!!! AND I MISS YOU GUYS :(( NO SERIOUSLY I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I've been super busy lately with work and midterms, but I promise more updates soon soon soon!

Thank you Apple for the iPhone camera on days when I forgot my camera like this. Mother Nature has not been loving lately to us New Yorkers. It snowed like hell yesterday and of course, yours truly was decked out in mini skirt and thigh-high socks. I guess I always learn my lesson the hard way! 

I went all out in black and white today. Layering sheer tights underneath (thermal) thigh-high socks and top off with my all time favorite leather skirt. If there's a skirt every girl should own, it has got to be this one. I've worn it so many times before (Pineapple Express, Boy of Outsiders) and I'm no where near getting sick of this skirt. 

It's my Japanese schoolgirl phrase. Now, what am I going to wear to see Monsieur James Bond tomorrow?!

I'm listening to Femme Fatale - The Velvet Underground. It puts me in such a calm and peaceful state after the Sandy madness. I hope everyone, friends and families on the East Coast stay strong and safe!

Big kisses,

PS: PIXIE MARKET is having a SAMPLE SALE this weekend both at our New York location and ONLINE. So many goodies awaits only $20, $30, and $40 price tags. 
KEEP CALM and SHOP ON <3 See you guys then



It's finally time to bring out the (faux) fur and the fuzzy knits <3 
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Please forgive me for my absence in the past week. There's this woman named Sandy who visited New York and she completely ruined everything, leaving me with no power for days. I managed to survive with no crazy consequences. Life is back to normal all pink and rainbow and the chaotic level times 9191290191212 times!

I have great news for savvy bloggers and fashionistas everywhere! Pixie Market is currently looking for Social Media Interns. Check out the details below and if you got what it takes, shoot me an e-mail. Deadlines to apply are Nov 15th!

Big thanks and big kisses,