Ever since I saw this leather overalls at 3.1 Phillip Lim resort 2013 I've been quite obsessed with it. My wish came true when this leather overall-esque dress came into the office last week. New York weather has been a bit ferocious this past week but it didn't stop me from walking around with just opaque tights protecting my legs from the chill. This hooded parka with fuzzy sleeves are by far my favorite this fall.

I'm currently listening to Lykke Li's Let It Fall. I remember she sounds just like her records when I saw her in concert later last year. Maybe I should start collecting concert tees and build my soon-to-be vintage archives come twenty years, no?

(Pixie Market leather overalls, F21 tights, Beau Coops boots, The Bridge bag, Urban Outfitter sunglasses)
photos by Dk

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