I wonder since when did military becomes "in fashion?" 

Discipline must be the powerful force behind it. To be discipline is to have style. You wake up, get dressed, go through your day in a nip and tuck schedule. If that's not discipline I don't know what is. That's what I love about military style. So powerful and chic at the same time! 

Look at Hitler, that moustache is ridiculously wrong but it looks right (on him)! I couldn't find any photos of him without that moustache. It's his trademark. That is style! 

I stock up on military pieces every season for heaven's sakes on those days when I feel like I have nothing to wear, they'll be my heroes. Karl did a whole collection on camouflage! I figure it would be nice to start off October with a whole new set of prints for fall.

photos by Molly Sugar

I'm a huge military fashion advocate and I believe there is a camouflage outfit for every occasion:
Iosselliani Ring
Iosselliani Necklace

This would be my perfect everyday look. The jacket adds the necessary Dressmonsta stamina to the whole outfit! 

Nine to five chic made easy! Uncle Karl would be proud!
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huyenD said...

i love your jacket :xxxx