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On top of my list:
1. Pretty shades: I'm still obsessing over these Moo Piyasombatkul bubbly shades
2. Mirrored animal prints: I'll go for the forest theme meaning owls, porcupines, and bambi.
3. White roses
4. Yogurt parfait: The perfect fashion week dish, or shall I say dessert!
5. Bijoux veil: The next big thing after the Jil Sander 1950s fishnet x beanie combo!

TODAY is OFFICIAL FASHION'S NIGHT OUT! Aren't you excited that fashion week is finally here? It's one of those time when all you see is beautiful people in outrageous outfits head to toe 24/7 on every corner of Manhattan, from models to fashion elites. 

I always jumped when fashion week is here. It's like Christmas in September! 

Time to put out the rack and get snapping! It's (fashion) crunch time!

bisous darlings,


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