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photos by Jesse Sullivan

I'm in love. Period!

I've always loved having short white hair like the siren Marilyn Monroe. With my current short hair, it can't be any better timing. So I finally got down to business and have my hair bleached yesterday. Thank you Aki for the magic! The whole process took five hours. In the end, my hair isn't dry and my scalp isn't itchy. All I need now is shimmer light shampoo and major conditioner. 

I have some tips for those who considered going from black to platinum. It's high-maintenance but it's totally worth it.  After all, that's what beauty is all about, no? ;)

1. Choose the right salon, as in if you're Asian like me, you should go to a salon where the hair stylists understand the anatomy of Asian hair. Make sure you're in good hands!

2. Tell your stylist everything you know about your hair condition, especially if you've colored it before, what shades, and how long ago was it. This help the stylist determines how the bleach will turn out.

3. Schedule the appointment over the weekend: It's a long process, and I do mean it. My hair is pretty short and it still took me five hours in total. Longer hair could take up to 8 hours or more. You don't want to rush the process!

4. Choose your shampoos wisely.

5. Condition, condition, condition!  

Have a fabulous weekend darlings!

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