(Top to bottom: Power couple spotted at Clic gallery, a dose of Chanel a day keeps the doctor away, Galliano flashback, knit heaven via Elle Girl Jp, my fall savior by Beau Coops, #labelwhore stamp of approval by Blood is the New Black, Two Door Cinema Club concert, my muse's documentary is Now Showing!)
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I adore Instagram. It's such a drug! I'm the 247685098 user and I'm already addicted to it. 


It's finally October. Time flies like rocket science. It's my third month blogging and I would like to thank all you guys who's been with me since the beginning of the journey and new friends I meet along the way. It's been an incredible adventure and it will only get better I promise! I'm happy to announce that there is a GIVEAWAY coming up. I want to make my first giveaway an AWESOME one for you my fabulous readers! 

Let me know your thoughts in the comment below by October 5th

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Big kisses to everyone!
Happy October <3

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Verlyncia Tyson said...

I really love your blog. I was wondering what I needed to do for the giveaway? Kind of reading this on my smartphone so it's a little difficult to pinpoint the giveaway instructions