(Anna tee, Pixie Market Skirt - coming soon)

(I started playing with self-timer and the blurry aka out-of-focus effect somehow works for this outfit) 

The last of its kind, this Anna tee if my definition of 'basic'. I'll be wearing it all fashion week, with or without layers, skirts and pants and everything in between. I mean, hello!!! It's skeletal Anna looking fab as always with her shades. I've really grown into wearing graphic tee lately. It's a very 90s thing to do.

More tees to love: This 'Chic Happen' tee, King Karl of course and Diamond Ring tee

PS: And I neeeeeeeeed this FNO tee, the Vogue Paris version! 


Khoai said...

Love your tee! So cool, Anna's face is just the perfect symbol of high fashion ~ What about DIY tees? Sure they will be awesome.

Anyway I love your blog, have been reading it since the day it started :D Mind checking out my streetstyle blog? I have just started it, and it's nowhere near good, but I will try my best to improve it http://thesweeetdisposition.blogspot.com/ x

Daul Be said...

Thank you dear! <3 I do like DIY tees, will keep that in mind for future posts ;)