Every fall and winter, I go on a quest to find THE coat. The one that I'll forever treasure, that I can just throw over anything I have on and feel warm and lustrous in it. The points of having a coat are:

1. To make you appear baffling fantastic.
2. To keep you warm and look chic while doing so.

That's why I jumped when I saw this Tomboy's FW12 campaign starring Julia Frakes wrapping herself in major oversized coats with sleeves down to there, ooh and that stand-up collar. I feel like I've found the one. The color so electrifying and that extra fur mileage completely stole my heart!

(images via fashiongonerogue)

Wait, there's more...

(Jil Sander via style.com. Collage by me)

I was watching How to steal a million for however many times today. You know, just another movie starring the lovely Audrey Hepburn dressed in head-to-toe Givenchy (The lady wore skinny waist belt before it's even a trend!). She is the Dressmonsta fairy godmother!

In the movie, there was this pink coat, and it's not just any pink coat. It's that bright Pink, the color of Youth and Barbie. Isn't it pretty? Audrey wore it so effortlessly over her pink satin slip and black rubber rainboots. 

*Note to self: Givenchy and Hunter can go hand in hand. 

Noticed a connection between 1960s Givenchy and 2012 Jil Sander here? Only to prove how timeless a minimal oversized PINK coat can be! 

My credit card will hate me this winter, but I couldn't care less, really! :)

- bisous bisous Be -

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