Kemp's Oyster Cover via tfs
Top photo by Jesse Sullivan 
(Sneak peek of a shoot I did recently! I can't wait to share the rest with you!)


If only I have superpower, I would love to multiply myself, and teleport. Just the thought of jumping from place to place in a blast of seconds thrills me. I could just close my eyes, think of Paris, open up my eyes and Voila, I'm in Paris! It can't get any better than that

Plus fashion week is approaching! I need to prepare myself for the upcoming fashion madness. This is definitely my favorite time of the year. Ooh la la I got to dance around while prepping my outfits. 

I have an exciting interview coming up! I also have been styling for a Vietnamese publication that I simply cannot wait to share with you lovely babes! The world is your oyster and all you have to do is smile and live every day to the fullest <3

bisous bisous


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Guest said...

wooh exciting! can't wait to see the styling result xx