The weekends means pampering and unexpected last minute field trip for me (I'll figure that out later tonight). My whole week filled with Apple screen, New York humidity, and rain drops at on point or another did not do my body and skin any justice.

That's why I couldn't be any happier Saturday is here. It's a great escape to the spa, or just laying in bed daydreaming and watching Audrey Hepburn for me. Now, pass me my champagne and that diamond eye masks!

I never leave the house without hand cream in my bag. These babies from L'Occitane are simply divine. I am currently obsessed with their fresh Rose velvet hand cream, and the classic shea butter one always comes in handy.

This liquid pearl luminizes beautifully. It gives you an instant glow in a second!

Kiehls is my savior. I love their avocado eye cream so much. It's just creamy enough to moisturize without greasing the eye area. Dip the tip of your pinky in for a tiny bit of product, melt it between your ring fingers and dab it underneath the eyes. Et Voila! It's like eight hours of sleep in a drop.

For my skin, I use Sephora instant moisturizer. The scent is just lovely and it makes my skin baby soft instantly. I always load my face with moisturizer before bedtime, and hello radiant skin the morning after.

Have a lovely weekend my darlings! Until next time!



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