(UNIF Cat sweater, JC Leather Boots)

photos by Jesse Sullivan

Cats, little spoiled creatures, I adore you!

The weather in New York has been so lovely lately so I figured I need to take advantage of it by wearing a soft sheer knit sweater with sequins mini skirt. Cats are my latest (fashion) animal obsession, besides pony and horses

Ever since I lay my eyes on this Kenzo sweater with lion embroidery, I couldn't help but dream about it every now and then. With that being said, I'll be rocking some serious Cat-Pow sweaters this fall winter. Me-ow!

And while we're at the cat topic, I present you Pero the Munchkin, also known as the love of my life! He to me is like Choupette to Karl. This is how we roll:

Me: Hi darling! Looking good (fluffy) today?
Pero: I had a coconut bubble bath this morning. Guido did a fabulous job with the blow dry!
Me: I can sure tell. 
Pero: Meow! Meow! Meooow!
Me: Aweeeeeeeee. Why are you so cute?
Pero: I was born this way .. Meow!!

Enough! Can I just please have superpower and teleport him in my arms right this second? 


tammydefox said...

Nice boots

Jess Kòi said...

cute ,em :)