To all my dearest readers, strangers who came across my blog today, or yesterday, or way back. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm not the best at updating my blog as regularly as I wanted to, but to see that you guys still checking it out everyday gives me butterflies.

Due to my hectic schedule, let's be real, aren't we all busy bees? I've been focusing on my Youtube Channel. But nonetheless, I cooked up a brand new blog and switched to TUMBLR recently. I found the layout much more attractive and a lot of the time, I found myself clipping and saving so many inspirations directly from there. So I thought why not have my own Tumblr. Blogger is great, but Tumblr is better. It's the perfect balance between a blog and Pinterest. I will be updating on Tumblr from now on. This shall be my last post on this blog under this domain. The transition is slowly but surely.

Thank you guys again for being here with me all this time. If you haven't checked out my Youtube yet? What are you waiting for! If you subscribe to me that'd be amazing. If you don't, we're still cool <3 I'm just super excited now that Fall is here. The time between season is always a great time to makeover yourself for the better (or worse) :) Today also marked my 500 subbies on Youtube! I'm so so happy. Can't thank and kiss you guys enough!

My new blog link is right here! See you guys over there, and remember to



So we think we can dance to Blurred lines! It was quite a workout actually. 
I'm just bummed that Youtube won't allow me to publish this on mobile or TV. 



Top - ASOS
Jeans - Forever 21
Skirt - H&M
Cap - UNIF @ Pixiemarket.com
White platforms - H&M
Sneakers - borrowed



Top & Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Pixiemarket.com
Bag: H&M
Kimono: Flea market
Soaking up the sunshine in beautiful Ha Long Bay, Vietnam <3 



(Pixiemarket top, thrifted skirt, ebay vintage bucket bag, Jeffrey Campbell Alameda)
HI monsties! I have a question for you. Do you have a UNIFORM that you wear nonchalantly everyday? Comment below!

My everyday uniform consisted of crop top, skater skirt, and sky high platform. So happy that I scored this vintage skirt at Buffalo Exchange yesterday. The waist is really teeny tiny, almost like wearing a corset. If it means that I need to skimp on the frappucino I would! 

Shoe wise, Jeffrey did it again! These Alameda sandals is a Children's Day treat to myself. The velcro and buckle straps make it more sporty but what I love the most, is the ultra high and comfy platform. I walked 30 blocks from Midtown to Chelsea yesterday in these babies, no sweat! 

Hello summer! Here I come.